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Iridion 3D Flashback
More than a hundred years have passed since the Earth was attacked by the vicious IRIDION forces. Legend tells of a single brave SHN Fighter pilot who found his way to destroy the evil IRIDION mainframe. After this glorious victory, all remaining enemy ships disappeared from known space. Humans began to colonize the planet systems of the IRIDION home galaxy. Peace and freedom came back to mankind. The IRIDION menace was history.
Until now.
Within only one day, all communication with the human space outposts had been lost. The last transmissions made it clear that the IRIDION Empire had returned and have taken over all colonized systems. Planet Earth is too far away to send help in time. Again only a single, but powerfully equipped spaceship is within reach to stop the IRIDION forces before they can go on to attack the last remaining planet of human beings... Earth.
Iridion II - The Game

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IRIDION II, the sequel to the highly acclaimed Game Boy® Advance launch title IRIDION 3D, once again pushes the Game Boy® Advance hardware to its technical limits with its beautiful 3D environments and intense shoot-em-up action. Players must fight through 5 huge galaxies containing 15 diverse and challenging planets including space ports, asteroid fields, lava wastelands, alien nature, crystal corridors, cloud cities, dockbays and many more. You will control the new SHN pyrocluster fighter prototype equipped with 6 cannon weapons including: plasma laser, pulse shot, deflector laser, radial gun, seeking laser and swarm gun. Each of these weapons comes in 3 power levels (with optional AutoUpgrade feature). Your fighter is also equipped with two of the most powerful special weapons: The smart-bomb and super-shot. You'll have to use them wisely as you encounter more than 200 different enemies and 30 huge boss enemies

- Travel through 5 huge galaxies containing 15 unique and challenging planets
- Encounter over 200 enemies and 30 boss enemies
- Collect power-ups to gain new weapons, increase fire power, refill energy
- Choose between Starter, Advanced and Ace pilot difficulty setting
- Virtual Reality Training - ingame tutorial which explains all of the strategies needed to be victorious.
- GAX soundtrack with more than 25 songs, a "create-your-own-musical-theme" part, and a gallery for you to unlock.
- Multiple Modes of play
Story Mode - fight against the IRIDION armada in 15 planets spread over 5 galaxies.
Arcade Mode - replay levels you already cleared in story mode and hunt for high scores. (secrets and beam combos have been added in arcade mode to a make the high score hunt more interesting)
Challenge Mode - Try to beat all 15 end bosses as fast as you can.

*Compete against players from all over the globe. Submit your high scores in Arcade Mode and your fastest times in Challenge Mode to the online World Ranking here at and see how you stack up against the rest of the world. Check out our gameplay-videos in our download-section and see Iridion II in action!

Iridion II is published by Majesco Games in the USA and has been released at May 12, 2003. Order your copy for only $14.99 now! European version will have multi-language support (English, German, French) and is scheduled for a June 13, 2003 release by Vivendi Universal Games.
Press Coverage

- Game Informer (USA): Rating 8/10 (May 2003)
- Play (USA): "Shin'en has somehow managed to reach into the GBA and pull out a Neo Geo ... Iridion II brings the small (and now lit) screen drop-dead gorgeous visuals and an old-school shooter soundtrack, coupled with an intelligent shooting system and interface, beautifully rendered enemies, arcade and story play modes and even a gallery with a doorway of special effects."; Rating 4/5 (May 2003)
- big.N (Germany): "You won't find better 3D in any other GBA game!"; Rating 84% (June 2003)
- GamePro (Germany): "One of the technologically most convincing shooter games on the GBA."; Overall Rating 81% / Graphics 88% / Sound 83% (July 2003)
- GamesMaster (UK): "A great piece of blasting action with some impressive 3-D visuals and lots of lovely levels to fight through."; Rating 85%
- "In the end, Iridion II is one of the best titles of the first half of 2003. For $15, you can pick up this long-lasting title filled with nonstop action and many unlockables to keep you coming back. Pick this one up."; Rating 9.0/10
- Rating 8.0/10
- "This is a great game ... The gameplay is great and well orchestrated. Of course, the sumptuous graphics and great sound help ... It's fun, it's engaging, and the online ranking ability give it replayability beyond most GBA shooters."
- "... They did a good job in achieving another great shoot em up adventure that you will laugh, yell, and cry out in frustration at. I'd recommend this game to anyone."; Rating B
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