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Use the AUTO UPGRADE function if you are a beginner.

Experienced pilots should turn AUTO UPGRADE off. So they can save their upgrades to power up the energy when it's really needed and they can change weapons while playing.

Charge up your beam whenever you have the time. Releasing the beam before the energy meter is flashing will only produce a very weak beam. Fully charged the beam is the strongest weapon you have.
Story Mode FAQ

How do I unlock CHALLENGE MODE?
You first need to play through Story mode.

How do I unlock the Jukebox?
With the password you'll get from beating the game in Story Mode try to beat the challenge mode. After this the Jukebox can be unlocked.

Should I change weapons or stay with a single weapon?
Most levels allow you to upgrade at least two weapons to full power. Many enemies are much easier to defeat with the right weapon.

Is Iridion II different (beside difficulty) when playing as ADVANCED PILOT?
Yes, some enemies will behave different and will use different attacks.
Arcade Mode FAQ

How can I increase my highscores?
Try to achieve high combos with your beam weapon. Try to collect all the green gems that are left by the enemies. Don't waste your shots because this will decrease your accuracy. Try different weapons to test which will give the best accuracy. Unused smartbombs will give you lots of bonus.

Where can I find the secrets?
Every level has three secret locations. Secrets are often behind obstacles and places that are hard to reach.

How do combos score?
Combos give you an extra bonus in addition to the regular point for killing enemies: (Combo-Counter) x (Combo-Counter) x 20. For example, if you hit a Combo x 8, you will get an additional 1280 points. For a Combo x 11, it's 2420 points, etc.

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