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Soundtrack CD

The Iridion series features one of the most astonishing soundtracks of the shooter genre. Enjoy studio arranged versions of the classic themes from both titles.
Perfect Selection

Iridion 3D & II Arranged Soundtrack - Perfect Collection
01 Iridion 3D Medley 5:27  
02 Iridion 3D Space Assault 3:25  
03 Iridion 3D Asteroid Belt 3:00  
04 Iridion 3D Space Station 2:33  
05 Iridion II See The Sun Burn 3:03  
06 Iridion II Spiral Bliss 3:11  
07 Iridion II Two Years Gone 3:06  
08 Iridion II Citizen Discharged 3:12  
09 Iridion II Aniki 3:12  
10 Iridion II Cold Play 3:51  
11 Bonus track Cessation 2:55  
12 Bonus track Accomplished Offence 1:57  
13 Data track:
"Iridion II OST Jukebox",
"Iridion II Videos & Website" 

Iridion 3D & II Perfect Selection - Manfred Linzner 
Single Edition

Iridion 3D & II Arranged Soundtrack - Single Edition
01 Iridion 3D Medley 5:37   Hear/Download MP3-sample
02 Iridion 3D Spacestation 2:35   Hear/Download MP3-sample
03 Iridion II Spiral Bliss 3:12   Hear/Download MP3-sample
04 Data track:
"Iridion II OST Jukebox",
"Iridion II Videos & Website" 

For promotional use only. Not for sale.
All tracks composed, arranged and produced by Manfred Linzner at Shin'en Audio Studios Munich. Additional Guitars and Drums on "Iridion 3D Medley" and "Iridion II Cold Play" played by David Michael.
Press Coverage Fans of electronic music and all those who loved the soundtracks of the classical Shoot em Ups of the 80's, will absolutely enjoy this CD [...] The production sounds very professionally and is much more than a mere copy of the GBA music.

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