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This is azmuseUnited Kingdom azmuse 528,149

I did it for munchie!
This is MadvinUSA Madvin 508,462

This is SnapDragonCanada SnapDragon 503,557

Use Level-2 Lasers for high accuracy!
4.Greece Cage  448,460   RETIRED:GOT BORED
5.Switzerland cyrg  446,913   no deadline - no motivation (anymore)
6.Greece poizen  411,590   My big brother is Cage!
7.USA CALFoolio  400,221   she told me she was 18
8.USA Jason  397,903   Bahaha, good one Madvin!
9.USA Sergenth  386,058   Hehe, I see 400,000 could be broken!
10.USA Vindicator  363,444   This game rocks like Space Megaforce!
11.United Kingdom Yamazaki  362,064   
12.Japan mrtx  356,401   
13.Sweden SoM-Nikke  353,279   Shmup!
14.USA MajorHavoc  352,860   Finger on the eject button! Mayday!
15.USA RealJustin  347,824   The comeback begins...
16.USA PugChop  340,631   Wish there was more competition.
17.Finland BiQ  335,716   I'm waiting, Ghegs! ;)
18.France 401K  330,156   
19.USA Hobbes  325,212   I will rule you all
20.USA Blue_Snake64  323,376
21.Germany Barto  322,605   Enter the Bartrix
22.France gzero  317,674   Not so bad...
23.Germany ~PYOGENOESIS~  316,340   Sleep all day! Rock at night!
24.Germany Zero  312,936   Right, Left, Right, Left, ChuChuChu
25.USA Agent X  312,078   Let's be heard!
26.USA CheshireCat  301,828   Okay, time to get serious. Watch out!
27.Germany Nuu  300,146   All life begins and ends with Nuu.
28.USA lordnikon  299,033   long live shootemups
29.Spain judasEZT  298,998   Competition is none!
30.USA Jase  289,884   moving to the top
31.Germany Mr.Boom2  288,914   It's a very nice game...
32.USA GEOFFREY  287,332   
33.USA carterman  282,501   RETIRED - Competition too good :p
34.United Kingdom David Holliss  279,349   .
35.Sweden Montop  278,881   'Lo ^_^
36.USA hoppinghessian  275,353   Sandboas R0X0R J00R B0X0RS!!!1
37.Germany randismkii  273,065   getting used to it
38.USA MD1034  271,581   
39.France Cyberflam  268,737   It's great...
40.USA Nashxyzz  260,523   Every crowd has a silver lining.
41.Germany Rincewind  259,277   Watching You!!
42.USA neoalucard  250,753   Citizen Discharged-Best Iridion Song
43.Germany breeZer  244,837   Here comes another challenger ...
44.United Kingdom Shynra  235,370   
45.USA Red  231,171   I`m the best we got!
46.Sweden ensockerbagare  230,706   I love Snapdragon! He's my hero!
47.Switzerland Lightningbolt  228,389   We are looking for a shrubbery...
48.Austria Master Waldi  226,502   
49.Germany Maverick  217,720   One shot, one opportunity!
50.USA Pilch  216,146   
51.USA rattus  214,763   rewled
52.USA Karthesios  211,385
53.Germany Junglebear  208,970   
54.USA Intephy  204,679   
55.USA maztik8r  202,877   6 million ways to die - so i chose
56.USA Frogacuda  198,646   shmup whore
57.USA Chris Redfield  196,318   
58.USA DemonStration  191,844   Meatbags will pay.
59.USA Vex  185,997   I'm a fool.
60.Germany DottoreDeluxe  177,439   surrender is NOT an option
61.USA baxbox989  168,162   nothin' but skill
62.USA ardkore1992  167,298   Its time for the rush, lets go, LETS GO!
63.Germany Pink  164,817   Another one bites the dust
64.France Pierre  159,025   Mac Fraggers Powwaaa ! ^^
65.United Kingdom The Adman  154,944   5th in the UK \o/
66.USA hyperviolet  154,524   no math thursday
67.Select Your Country: Twixman  150,266   Right behind ya!
68.Canada Sensato Noir  142,878   Life is short, play hard!
69.USA Moop  142,328   Glippy glop gloopy!
70.Germany Seba  137,845
71.Japan Game X  129,252   q
72.USA SpiralFire  125,366   Madvin, you rock! Shooters=Awesome!
73.USA iridion2  125,107   is there a third game?
74.USA sfried  124,562   
75.Germany Tichy  122,906   Axelay, anone?
76.USA Hsanrb  121,416   
77.Germany liqiudator  119,513   hau weg den scheiss
78.USA Littlejimmy  116,384   
79.USA Andyhaha1  114,083   (monkeeeeeys!) (car!)
80.Austria pure vernunft  112,726   darf niemals siegen
81.Germany Thorpedo  112,344   Feel my cannon, Baby! HRHR
82.USA BAD  112,199   Koriru
83.Canada Koan0  112,099   
84.Germany EvilSonic  108,411   Just hold still and I'll make it quick
85.USA Inuasha  106,914   HELLO!! Ready to get beat, DURT!! :-P
86.Germany Faenwolf  104,371   Its always my lucky day...
87.USA starwind  103,740   
88.Germany jpmaverick  102,940   Battle Squadron rulez!
89.USA Deaf_Incarnate  99,692!)
90.Select Your Country: Rhodney  96,880   Hummm...
91.Germany Lee  94,939   Nice job, Mr. Bug!!!
92.France Burning Ranger  92,148   o8)
93.Germany Bust  91,220   
94.United Kingdom bemani  90,875   Tanoshii desu ne!
95.Germany SSF-ALX  90,396
96.France BENI BROS  88,988   where is lord elfangor
97.USA substance J  85,145   Stack up the fah!
98.Austria Lycon  81,248   
99.Germany Timur  81,176   
100.Spain hawkbul  78,785   
101.USA joechummer  76,452   
102.Germany SHiNjide76  76,131   SHORYUKEN!
103.Germany tsk  74,924   Only the good die young
104.Germany sp00ky  74,366   
105.Germany Noxios  72,963   Oh je oh je...
106.United Kingdom sjewkestheloon  72,705   ..... and i was gutted.
107.USA AsukaX  70,387   I will eat your children!
108.Germany EAzy ENno  69,728   *** Dreamcast Rulez ***
109.Canada JellyTot  68,812   
110.USA stealthagent  67,566   Padiwan learner
111.USA Mad Mage  66,458   I could get 1st place... if I wanted to.
112.Germany Alex Fost  65,665   speed kills fast
113.United Kingdom Frankie  64,111   Hi there
114.Germany Porchka  63,381   Fire, walk with me!
115.Japan Fly-Boy  61,271   
116.United Kingdom azmuse2  60,432   mebbeh blebbeh febbeh me big baldy tash!
117.United Kingdom cheater123  60,131   i beat you!!! yes
118.USA Swirly  59,425   
119.USA kagome  59,209   iam going to the top (in a month or two)
120.Germany Jessica  58,060   Have moore Funn.....
121.USA chrisjmichael  57,239   
122.Germany Nasreddin  56,614
123.USA insertcoin2play  56,268   GET READY!
124.Japan MX5-KEN  55,595   
125.France raven-of-death  54,693   shootmetal POWAAAA!!!!!
126.USA Tetsuo9999  53,331   ASK BAGU ABOUT IT MANY TIMES.
127.Germany bapf  53,256   long live the elves
128.France Zone  52,842   i need infinite lives ;)
129.USA jetsar  52,810   play good
130.Germany bender  51,649   
131.Switzerland Dafox  49,938   
132.USA sethsez  49,675   It could be worse.
133.Switzerland Mayday  49,373   Gruyère, for a cheesy breath !
134.Germany KBR  47,384   
135.USA enviroeater  46,778   If you want something get it yourself
136.France BlazingStar  46,729   
137.Canada Iridistone  46,142   Call me up and your troubles are over.
138.Germany sebbo  45,981   
139.Germany Zynaps  44,723   Give'em the edge
140.United Kingdom FBZ1501  44,350   
141.Germany DagShot  43,864   Always a GBA in my hands...^_^
142.Germany Ridley  43,703   
143.Germany Lord of Darkness  43,437   I'm the Lord
144.USA Linkmaster1  41,940   oh ya
145.France sCk  41,801   A l'assaut!!!
146.USA High ty 2oo2  41,530   
147.USA Raptor37-x  40,747   
148.USA desdinova  40,564   
149.USA I)aRkShAI)oWz  40,259   Owning you since 1986
150.Germany Vercetor  39,923   I´ll go where no one has gone before
151.Select Your Country: Ace Pilot 377  39,431   Incoming Ace Pilot!
152.France Lord Elfangor  39,308   Let's get the frag haunting us, I'm here
153.USA Toadstoolxxx  39,249   Beam me up
154.USA Snow Wolf  39,135   
155.Italy Molly  39,100   Got beaten by a girl? funny^
156.Germany poet  39,091   enjoy life
157.Germany FireFly  38,944   
158.France polidoro  38,759   
159.USA Dan776  38,562   Lets Go!!!!!!!!
160.France chris le caribou  38,521    i dont know
161.USA BLitZKriEG  38,123   Mien Mierden Blitzkrieg!
162.USA mommy2many  36,700   Mom, Where's My Gameboy???
163.Germany shnakk  36,676   great one at all :))
164.Germany Peron  36,564   Rattus Rottus
165.USA Jared  36,494   
166.United Kingdom Sly9  36,056   
167.USA Forte  34,794   
168.USA Iceman742  34,712   
169.Canada YzakB4DDRG  34,644   Keep Fighting For Her...
170.USA Nicko  33,322   I'm new! This game rocks!
171.USA Epyo  33,204   Woot woot woot woot woot woot woot.
172.USA Watts  31,481   Bang an' bust em'!
173.USA gs68  30,837   no
174.Germany number6  30,218   
175.Austria raphi  30,109   azmuse ich werde dich stürzen
176.USA VPHAN  29,370   VPHAN
177.Germany rocknrollshooter  27,455   died trying
178.Switzerland le rafale  26,608   beatz deluxe
179.Germany Dexter  26,233   Honk if you're horny!
180.Spain Hunk  25,922   A Mother is one's God on Earth
181.USA orbita1  25,777   *it spins
182.United Kingdom horny_campus_man  25,681   suck on my banana
183.USA Drakfyre  24,808   
184.Germany BumsHilde  24,518 or DIE!!!!
185.USA ratlet57  24,395   To the stars...
186.Select Your Country: Ryo Ohki X  24,242   Ngiyaw!!!!!! Meow!
187.Germany Suice  24,034   Breakin´ till death!!!
188.Germany BLOODY  23,663   
189.France Norad  23,292   Hmm...
190.United Kingdom Cmdr Marklar  23,133   
191.USA sean144800  23,054   woopsy darnit hit the wall again.. o wel
192.Switzerland Masupilami  22,962   All your base are belong to us!!11!1
193.USA calenderj  22,785   sup my pplz
194.Germany chrisi99  22,604   
195.Switzerland Kishin  22,594   100% pure Energy!
196.USA silvir  22,202   PWNED!
197.USA Guppi  21,840
198.USA The Stapler  21,784   I don't Roll on Shabbos
199.France REZ  21,748
200.Germany Tiny  21,610   Shoot'em all!!!
201.USA Tortimer  21,100   
202.USA ATimson  21,051   There's *always* a boom tomorrow.
203.USA Mappy  20,750   Awwwright!
204.Germany Wizard_of_Storm  20,564   
205.USA Solarian  20,529   being good enough, isnt enough
206.USA animefanjr  20,526   Favorate shmup "Thunder Forcce III"
207.USA LordGeo  20,396   All Bow down to the Lord of Gaming!
208.Select Your Country: Snug  20,372   
209.USA Ducklizard  20,325   Viva Nintendo!!
210.USA RYAN  20,235   cool
211.USA joewai78  20,199   ^o^
212.Select Your Country: irnmn69  20,068   irnmn69
213.USA core-x  20,007   I SEE A# 1 IN MY FUTURE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
214.Germany ThreeDee  19,958   Ich liebe die Tine!
215.USA dragonsquirrely  19,742   i'll kick you in na nuts!
216.France Manu7111  19,740   
217.USA lazeebassturd  19,630   
218.USA SHN-729 Captian  19,484   Here are the coorordi-*snore*WAKE UP!
219.USA Accutron  19,470   
220.USA Iridion Ruler  19,440   YOU LOSE, but do you?
221.USA SDSakuragi  19,255   
222.USA bent  19,230   
223.Germany Pyoro  19,150   
224.Ireland Bangia-O  19,080   ______________________________
225.USA dirty dawg  19,026   ?????
226.USA Rummy  18,963   Makin' luvv 'til cherry's gone.
227.Canada Mik01  18,882   For Great Justice
228.USA neimod  18,874   rising sun!
229.USA GameGuy24  18,810   Carterman is going down!
230.USA Wingman  18,510   SuperGoten
231.USA iridion2fan  18,444   Take that iridion scum!
232.USA matthew  18,402   
233.USA FTD  18,362   
234.Germany sonik  18,287   ...yeah!
235.USA Mejilan  18,278   ...
236.USA miguel  17,909   miguel
237.Italy Maxx  17,864   Another day, another try.. Shoot or die!
238.USA Power Strike  17,740   Now there are no limits.
239.United Kingdom outspaced  17,490   poot!
240.USA Undeadair  17,372   ...
241.USA Jeffro  17,365   You can call me evil Betty! NAAAAH!
242.United Kingdom clivetsr2  17,356   
243.Germany Markus-21  17,292   
244.USA Ace  17,284   Artillery Dude
245.USA Austinb  17,242   
246.USA unkownpizza325  17,213   im new...for now
247.Finland Ghegs  17,180
248.USA BMP1996  17,150   lightning
249.USA Michael Pitman  17,108   Mike
250.USA Roger9300  17,059   
251.Germany leon  17,039   
252.USA DDude5555  17,035   
253.Germany Blocfish  16,938   
254.USA wil327  16,894   Yeah...I probably did it.
255.USA Sypher  16,814   blah
256.USA 1coolhokie  16,518   go hokies
257.USA akshay  16,312   -
258.USA EGK  16,225   Dude, I just play video games...
259.USA ABKID  16,150   
260.USA KRISH  16,148   
261.USA MisterBoo200  16,090   This game is ALSOME!!!!
262.USA Owen  15,992   commander Owen
263.Germany MAd  15,770   Old-school-shoot'em-up-rulez!!!
264.United Kingdom KungFu  15,152   
265.USA stinky 706  15,126   
266.USA DDude505  14,680   
267.USA ALBERT  14,380   el platano dulce
268.USA A.J.  14,365   I ROCK
269.USA SmashBros73  14,122   
270.USA matthop  13,997   matthop
271.USA krisi1998  13,386   krisi
272.Germany Markus  11,948   
273.USA MadHatter  11,480   DarkCage knows he can't handle me!
274.Japan ackyzm  9,360   :-)
275.USA VR-temjin  9,309   hey
276.Greece DarkCage  2,860   RETIRED:MADHATTER TOO GOOD!!!

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